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Woh Chand Khila: Featuring Pooja Angra & Karan Rana

Saturday, 3 November 2018 Time: 7.30pm


Woh Chand Khila is an exciting journey tracing the association of the moon with the Indian music and poetry. The moon holds a unique place in the expression of love or as a conduit to express emotions in these artforms. This captivating production will present Indian classical music in a unique way by blending it with the energy and excitement of Bollywood, Punjabi Folk and Sufi music. This special tour showcases expressions of love and emotions through captivating compositions.

The Moon (or Chand in Hindi) has been an obsession of Hindi and Urdu lyricists and a key character of Indian poetry & music compositions. Enjoy the classic melodies by brother-sister duo Pooja Angra and Karan Rana with their experienced ensemble as they explore fresh musical creations based on traditional poetic compositions, providing a unique flavour for music lovers across the UK.

Artists: Pooja Angra (Lead Female Singer), Karan Rana (Lead Male Singer), Anant Patel (Keyboard Player), Naushad Sheikh (Tabla Player), Narendra Panchal (Multi Percussionist), Sonu Gajjar (Octopad player)


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