Big Blind

The Big Blind

Saturday, 26 January 2019 Time: 7.30pm


Dominic Kelly - Storyteller
Bridget Marsden - violin
Leif Ottosson - accordion
A boy stands on a lakeshore. Behind him is all he’s ever known. Ahead: a chance for love but a much higher chance of death. He’s had a happy life, and a sheltered one. But his father gambled away that life, the debt cannot be paid in money and it won’t be his father who pays. 
Childhood is over…
Dominic Kelly, Bridget Marsden & Leif Ottosson combine storytelling and music into a
playful and gripping performance. They bring to life an ancient full-­blooded fairy tale for modern audiences, weaving versions from Norway, Scotland, Ireland and India with contemporary Scandinavian folk music. Through it they explore the consequences for the young when older generations fail to make adult decisions.
“… Makes you sparkle from the inside out. Combining magical, haunting and melodic Nordic inspired music, played effortlessly by the superbly talented Bridget Marsden and Leif Ottosson, we were taken on an expertly crafted storytelling journey by Dominic Kelly. The stage is stripped bare with no need for props of any kind… The simplicity of this makes for a truly inspired performance…” -
“Breathless and enthralling”. - The Hindu (Indian national daily)
“A master storyteller…” - BBC Radio
“…Unbelievably fine ensemble playing” - Dagens Nyheter (Sweden’s largest national daily)
“Outstanding” - Songlines Magazine
“Compelling - What a treat.” - The Times
“A bewitching fusion of storytelling and music that takes theatre right back to its origins… a
magical night. Dominic Kelly…is a consistently engaging and energetic narrator... He brings the stories to life and deftly navigates the way through a multi-­?layered narrative. It is the music in combination with Kelly’s narration that makes this production so special. Violin and accordion duo Bridget Marsden and Leif Ottosson beautifully fuse enchanting Nordic music with Kelly’s prose” - A Younger Theatre

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£10 (£8 concessions)

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