The Art of Dementia Care: Facilitating Creative Communication

Thursday, 21 June 2018 Time: 1.00pm


A 3 hour session facilitated by: Donna Miles and Dr Niamh Malone

Facilitating creative communication is an informal, fun session designed for those caring for someone living with dementia. The intention is to release the power of the arts as a method for effective communication in dementia care.

This afternoon session will give Carers an enhanced understanding of dementia through the use of arts and person-centred care. The sessions are founded on a 'CAN DO' principle and seek to give confidence and empower the Carer alongside the person living with dementia. The session deploys the well-established techniques ‘Dancing with Dementia’ and the ‘Never Ending Story’ methodology.

Course Aims

“Donna’s course is the best ‘course’ I have been on (personally and professionally). She kept me engaged through the use of the arts and created something that was flexible and fun. We all at times had a ‘moment’, she was so very supportive. A trainer who is always upbeat and this helped to lighten the subject and show us what we CAN do rather than what we may lose. I think the course should be renamed as ‘positive approaches to living with dementia’.”

(Carer Statement, 2017)

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£5 (£3 concessions)

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