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Talattu – Rukmini Vijayakumar

Sunday, 28 October 2018 Time: 7pm


Parents give up a part of themselves from the time a child is born. Both men and women take on the joys, sorrows, victories and defeats of their children as their own. The role of a parent is immense in the growth of a child and the emotional attachment that parents have to their offspring is incomparable. This relationship of caregiver and child is immortalised as Yashoda and Krishna in Indian mythology. Their relationship is nuanced with the complexity of Yashoda being Krishna’s adoptive parent. Yashoda’s sense of ownership is questioned when she realises that Krishna is not her own son. Talattu, addresses the complexity of this relationship and the love that permeates through this confusion.

The first piece of Talattu , is a lullaby through which the sacrifices of a parent are exemplified. The second piece is in the format of a Varnam. Yashoda finds out that Krishna is not her son and that he is going to be taken away. The Varnam shows the last day that Yashoda and Krishna spend together. The last piece of Talattu is an interpretation of the relationship that Yashoda shares with Krishna even after many years have passed.

Talattu will end with a Tillana in adoration of Lord Krishna.

Rukmini Vijatakumar is one of the most popular stars of the Indian classical dance scene. She is a popular performer with Indian arts audiences around the world, particularly in India and the USA. Rukmini’s style is innovative and unique, as she tells stories of mythological events, emotions and beautiful poetry with grace, beauty and athletic dance choreography.

Concept & Choreography: Rukmini Vijayakumar

Music: Dr Rajkumar Bharathi


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