Sweetshop Revolution presents BeautifuL

Thursday, 22 March 2018 Time: 7.30pm



Because of the sexual content of this show it is advised that it is not viewed by anyone below the age of sixteen. The performance does contain topless female nudity in one short section and language of a sexual nature.


Director & Choreographer - Sally Marie


BeautifuL is a new dance theatre work encompassing movement and text, exploring love and sexuality from the point of view of women; what is fantasised about, desired and permissible within the complex web of social structures, expectations and cultural history. 

Five extraordinary female dancers lead us through their own experience of sexuality and love and this is contrasted with an exploration of the history of women’s sexuality over the last three hundred years. 

We’re living in a time where people feel they can be gender fluid or polyamorous, perhaps as a freedom from identity and stereo-type. This piece along with looking at gender, will also be celebrating the solidarity of woman - taking femininity to a more truthful place, past the gloss of media spin and pressure to conform. 

BeautifuL is a doorway into a dialogue about how women and men are experiencing relationships, sexuality and the body right now. And at the heart of it lies a question, how do we love and how has it changed?


Sweetshop Revolution is a dance theatre company whose work is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining. The work communicates with different people on different levels, exploring the complexity of human relationships and the stories behind them; juxtaposing the everyday world with broader philosophical questions relating to the society in which we live and creating a place where the choreography of feeling is as important as the steps themselves. 

The company was nominated as Best Independent Company at The National Dance Awards 2016 and their recent piece I loved you and I loved you was nominated as Best Dance Production 2015 by the Welsh Theatre Awards.

Director and Choreographer Sally Marie has danced for numerous companies and choreographers, including, amongst others, Protein Dance and Jasmin Vardimon. She was twice voted Best Female Performer by Dance Europe and twice nominated for Best Female Performance by The National Dance Awards - alongside a Spotlight Award nomination for new talent. Choreographically, she also won The New Adventures Choreography Award 2013 and the Children’s Award 2014 from Sadler’s Wells and The Place. She is currently associate artist at Pavilion Dance South West.

Ticket Details

£10 (£8 concessions)