Shanghai Film Week: Shakuhachi, One Sound One Life

Tuesday, 15 October 2019 Time: 2.30pm

The film 'Shakuhachi, One Sound One Life' took director Helen Qin three years to make. The film records the living status, music experience, and life philosophy of Shakuhachi artists in China, Japan and the U.S.

It presents the difficulties and hope confronting Shakuhachi artists all around the world in the process of inheriting such an ancient musical instrument - how they perceive livelihood, life, and themselves given different cultural backgrounds, experiences, and age groups.

Director Helen Qin graduated from Loughborough University where she majored in Finance.  She then worked at the Dow Jones Company, China as GM.  After she studied Film Production Management at NYU she co-founded Youku with her husband Victor Koo.  She also founded TR Productions, which is dedicated to fine film productions.


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Free Admission (tickets not required)