Outrageous Fortune

Outrageous Fortune by Debs Newbold [Hamlet reclaimed]

Tuesday, 5 May 2020 Time: 7.30pm

Gertrude: Wife. Mother. Queen of Denmark.

A fearless woman whose power was consistently undermined by the men around her. In the 400 years since Hamlet was written, what – if anything – has changed? 

Welcome to purgatory. Where everything we know about Gertrude is torn apart, reimagined and reclaimed by one woman and a jazz drummer in a funny and fierce act of rebellion. There’ll be tea. There’ll be a visit from Joan of Arc. There will be noise. 

Fusing original narrative and Shakespearean verse with bold physicality and thunderous sound, award-winning performance storyteller Debs Newbold places Shakespeare’s iconic text under a 21st century lens to offer an alternative perspective; putting a woman front and centre in this notorious story of male revenge.

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