New Horizon

New Horizon

Friday, 6 April 2018 Time: 7.30pm


What hope do you have when all you have ever known is a life of slavery? How do you protect your child when the whole weight of the law is stacked against him? When a life of privilege and wealth is yours for the taking, why would you choose to give it up? How do you keep going when it seems the whole world is against you?

New Horizon tells the Bible story of Moses in song.  It is an old story but designed to appeal to a modern audience.  The creative team are all from Liverpool: it was written by Ken Clarke in collaboration with Graham Swift and Dave Leach, and the orchestration is by Liverpool musician and orchestrator Reena Gopaul.
The concert performance at the Capstone Theatre on Friday 6th April will be a showcase of the songs which it is hoped will feature in a fully staged production at some time in the future.  The orchestra and choir have been formed especially for this production.

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