Milapfest 28th April

Music for the Mind & Soul (28th April 2018)

Saturday, 28 April 2018 Time: 1pm


J A Jayanth – flute
Ashwani Shankar – shehnai
Neyveli Venkatesh – mridangam
Kousic Sen - tabla


In this special concert, two of the most remarkable woodwind instruments, the Bansuri Flute and Shenai, combine to take the audience on a melodic journey through both the Hindustani and Carnatic genres of music.

J A Jayanth is one of the rising stars on the Carnatic music scene. A prodigy, he was driven from a young age by in-born talent and enthusiasm for the bamboo flute. As one of the most sought after flautists in Carnatic music, he was, from the age of five, naturally drawn into the tutelage of his grandfather, noted flautist the late T. S. Sankaran. Jayanth has a refined fingering and blowing technique which enables him to switch over to the bass and double bass flutes with ease to cover lower octaves, which is acclaimed as a hallmark in his recitals. His spontaneity, perfect pitching coupled with expressive and bhava laden rendering has won him appreciation from his co-artists and music connoisseurs.

He is joined in this special Jugalbandhi concert by Ashwani Shankar, a Shehnai master. The shehnai is a beautiful and rare woodwind instrument, similar to an oboe, making it a perfect accompaniment to Jayanth’s Bansuri flute. Ashwani comes from a musicially prestigious family and has been learning the shehnai from his father, Pandit Daya Shankar, since a young age.

Providing the rhythmic heartbeat to this melodic masterpiece are celebrated mridangam exponent Neyveli Venkatesh and world-renowned tabla player Kousic Sen. Both accompanists are known on the international stage as masters of rhythm and their skill gives new depth and excitement to the traditional concert experience.

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