Music for the Mind and Soul: The ‘Great British Gharana’

Saturday, 28 October 2017 Time: 1pm


First Half:

Nilanjana De (Hindustani Vocal)

Kousic Sen (Tabla)

Rekesh Chauhan (Harmonium)


Second Half:

Ramya Tangirala (Carnatic Vocal)

Prashanthini Jeyarajan (Veena)

Thasan Kangaivernian (mridangam)



Britain is home to a variety of talented musicians from all regions and genres of Indian classical music. They bring a style which is authentic, Indian, traditional and adapted to the British music scene. In this concert, two contrasting styles of North and South Indian vocal music take centre stage. North Indian Vocal music is at times meditative and devotional, with skilful passages of improvisation and repetition. South Indian vocalists draw from the huge array of compositions that are based on devotional and traditional culture. Nilanjana De is an award winning singer from Kolkata, and the 2014 Milapfest Sangeet Ratna Award winner. She performs a variety of improvised and composed works, accompanied on Harmonium (Rekesh Chauhan) and Tabla (Kousic Sen). In the second half, Ramya Tangirala, a vocalist with a rich artistic background, performs compositions from South India, accompanied on Veena (Prashanthini Jeyarajan) and mridangam (Thasan Kangaivernian). 


Ticket Details

Free Admission