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Liverpool Mozart Orchestra: “The Grand Tour”

Saturday, 19 October 2019 Time: 6.45pm

NB: This concert takes place in the Great Hall, Cornerstone Building, Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool L6 1HP.

Pre-concert talk at 6.45pm.


Mozart – Horn Concerto No.2

Mozart – Symphony No.36 “Linz”

Franz Strauss – Horn Concerto

Mendelssohn – Symphony No.4 “Italian”


Conductor/Horn:  Alec Frank-Gemmill


The LMO’s 2019/20 season begins with a pair of horn concertos and a pair of symphonies.  We are delighted to welcome international horn virtuoso Alec Frank-Gemmill as soloist/conductor for his debut with the orchestra.  The concert begins with the second of Mozart’s four concertos for horn, and is followed by the thirty-sixth of his forty-one symphonies.  The symphony was written during a stopover in the Austrian town of Linz on his and his wife's way back home to Vienna from Salzburg.  Upon hearing of Mozart’s arrival in Linz the local count announced a concert at short notice, so Mozart dashed this symphony off in just four days!  

The second concerto is that of Franz Strauss, father of the more famous Richard.  Strauss, who was the principal horn of the Bavarian Court opera until 1889, had a strong preference for the traditional classical forms, which comes across in the music.  He had a mutual dislike of Richard Wagner but even Wagner, who was never short of a terse remark, said “Strauss is a detestable fellow but when he blows his horn one cannot sulk with him.” 

The final work is Mendelssohn’s fourth and most popular symphony known as the “Italian”.  The opening movement is an absolute joy, and even the fourth movement, which unusually is in the minor key despite the symphony being in the major, doesn’t dampen the spirits as it incorporates dance figures from the Roman saltarello and the Neapolitan tarantella to bring the concert to a lively end.

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