LIJF 2020: Blow 3.0 (+ Beyond Albedo)

Saturday, 29 February 2020 Time: 7.30pm

Young, anonymous, Belgian band Blow 3.0 are one of the latest hot exports from the continent, fusing jazz, punk and dance music in their superb live stage shows. Sometimes referred to by fans as ‘Drum n Sax’, the band cut their teeth in underground clubs across Belgium and the Netherlands and have performed in some very unusual settings including rooftops and forests.

Their pioneering style and appearance quickly gained them notoriety online where in no time at all they had amassed over 10,000 followers for their outlandish shows and soon they had caught the attention of major national promoter Live Nation who instantly snapped them up for representation in their home country. The band went on to electrify audiences at festivals in France, England, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and even Brazil playing to thousands at the legendary Copacabana Beach in Rio.


Since arriving on Earth in 2017, retro-futuristic quartet Beyond Albedo have performed at Lancaster Jazz Festival; collaborated with Chris Sharkey (of Roller Trio) on their single Arrival; been selected to take part on Jazz North’s 2019 Northern Line artist support scheme, and participated in the Sage Gateshead’s Summer Studio 2019 programme. Individually, members of Beyond Albedo have been selected for the MJF Hothouse scheme, had their music broadcast on BBC Radio 3, and been shortlisted for a British Composer Award. 

Their music combines drum machine grooves, driving synth basslines, explosive drumming, pulsating guitar, and effects-laden saxophone. Inspired by their two previous visits to Earth, the band weave intricate dance music with improvisation, conjuring a sound that doesn’t quite belong on this planet.  


“Hazy evocations of the past give way to pulsing sci-fi electronica, synths now driving the piece with bold, saw-toothed vitality.” -  Now Then

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