Interactions: Centrifuge / Shatner’s Bassoon

Wednesday, 21 March 2018 Time: 7.30pm



Anton Hunter - guitar
Bruce Coates - alto saxophone
Camilla Cancantata - voice, trombone
Ian Simpson - guitar
Lawrence Casserley - electronica,
Lee Allatson - drum set
Mark Hanslip - tenor saxophone
Martin Hackett - Korg MS
Phil Morton - accidents & treatments
Robin Hartwell - piano
Shaun Blezard - electronics
Steve Lewis - voice
Walt Shaw - percussion

“From the cooperation of neighbours
To the collaboration of strangers
We create a space and a place
Where free improvisation
Is not a peripheral interest
It is a centrifuge”

Phil Morton, curator of Centrifuge, writes: “as the project reaches its 10th anniversary it is a great personal pleasure to present this impressive extended line up for the festival at the Capstone. Centrifuge draws on a large and shifting pool of improvising musicians, and the festival ensemble is a rich list of experienced and important artists active in the British improvised and creative music sector. The result is a music of invention and intention, a beauty driven by creative musical minds, extended instrumental techniques, a sense of time and place and a shared ambition to take the music to undiscovered places. It is a centrifuge.”



Shatner’s Bassoon:

Johnny Richards - keys
Michael Bardon - bass
Oliver Dover - alto and baritone sax
Craig Scott - guitar
Joost Hendrickx - drums

Shatner’s Bassoon is a group of five Leeds based composers/improvisers influenced by contemporary artists such as Tim Berne, Mr. Bungle, John Zorn, Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa and a range of rock and electronica.They have developed a unique collective sound based on developing complex compositional structures through improvisation – allowing the music to be naturally infused by their experiences. The results can range from dense free noise through intense riffs and ambient textures. They play with musical clichés and conventions to produce music that negotiates a path from the beautiful to the sinister, humorous and surreal.

"The weird and wonderful second chapter from Leeds’ uncompromising new generation of jazz noise-making terrorists" – Selwyn Harris

"… The Cardiacs masquerading as a Mahavishnu Orchestra tribute band at a works Christmas do" – Paul Margee, Louder than War

"… It’s imaginative and highly unusual; there’s details in every sound – and a high level of wit" – Chris Cutler (Henry Cow / Art Bears)



A workshop programme focused on free improvisation in Music and Dance will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday 21st March. Further details will be available at this web site in due course.

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