FoMO, mofos! (Fear of Missing Out, mother***ers!)

Wednesday, 10 October 2018 Time: 7.30pm


Created and performed by Mary Pearson

Enter here and now. How did we get here? How do we get down from here?

Imagine a murder mystery seen through a kaleidoscope. A journey through retro technologies into the digital age. Clues are dropped via captured images, cult film references to Antonioni and Lynch. Identities blur, privacy is invaded, a Tarantino-inspired female killer vanquishes demons to return us to the here and now. 

FoMO, mofos! reflects on the consequences of continuous self-exposure on the psyche.  With social media hyper-connectivity comes hyper-vigilance: we watch each other, whilst being watched. How does desire multiply with screen use?

Inspired by research collaborations with: Stephanie Auberville (FR/Brussels), Lea Kieffer (FR/Berlin), Deborah Black (NYC), Hannah Buckley (Leeds) and Anthony Carins (Liverpool)

This piece was initially made possible through a 'Time and Space' Residency at Metal Culture, Liverpool and with public funding from Arts Council England. Further gratefully acknowledged support from residencies and early showings at Unity Theatre and Physical Fest (Liverpool) and Au Brana Cultural Centre (France), and from producer Leo Burtin, The Making Room.

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£10 (£8 concessions)

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