Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels: Where the dark night ends

Thursday, 15 February 2018 Time: 6.30pm


Where the dark night ends is an interactive dance theatre performance where live dance, spoken word and real life stories explore the realities of addiction and recovery. The audience will be invited to go on a roller coaster of emotions and to consider their own personal journey considering questions such as: What compels an addict to use? Do they have a choice? What about will power? With elements of audience participation, the performance is the culmination of a project where Fallen Angels Dance Theatre set out to create a performance that explores new approaches to retelling addiction and recovery stories through dance theatre. It is funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Trusthouse Charitable Foundation and Linbury Trust.

The experience will give an insight into FADT’s powerful participatory practice with people in recovery from addiction in Merseyside, with a post-show discussion after the performance and networking opportunities. FADT is interested in using the event to engage with local Merseyside services, organisations and charities working within mental health and addiction support to raise awareness, and for those organisations to find out more about their activities and how to get involved. 


The performance is free admission, but a collection will be taken on the evening for Liverpool Hope University's charity Global Hope. We would like to encourage those planning to attend the performance to email claire@fallenangelsdancetheatre.co.uk.

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Free Admission