Bite! Theatre presents Pucker Up

Saturday, 26 June 2021 Time: 7.30pm

Taking on the theme of “Information and Communication”, Bite! Theatre explores the societal construction of femininity through their debut piece, Pucker Up. Combining immersive practices with clowning, dance and quirky visual performance with zestful comedy and dark political bite, they explore popular culture and mass marketing, challenging the communication of reductive ideologies in contemporary media culture and their own active consumption of these messages. 

Pucker Up asks the audience to consider their own role in the suppression of women and the binary ways in which we think, examining the insidious and harmful messaging womxn endure and internalise throughout their lives. Engage in a nuanced discussion of female empowerment, consumerism and collective liberation, and expect in your face ‘girly-ness’, grotesque burlesque, unapologetic angry feminists and the transformative powers of a woman’s bathroom.


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