Vincent Gambini

Angel Field Festival: This is Not a Magic Show by Vincent Gambini

Friday, 14 February 2020 Time: 6.30pm

NB: This performance takes place in The Warehouse Theatre, Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus


Forget everything you know about magic and magicians.
Now remember it all again.

Vincent Gambini's This is not a Magic Show is a performance of and about sleight-of-hand magic: its invisible mechanics, its clichés, and what it tells us about live theatre and make-believe. In a conversational yet crafted approach, Gambini presents astonishing close-up magic that invites us to question how wonder is produced in a theatrical situation. Possibly the first of its kind, This is not a magic show is part performance-lecture, part deconstructed showbiz, and part magic tricks that leave you, like, omg.

Duration: 70mins.

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