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Angel Field Festival: The Hive: A New Opera

Thursday, 6 February 2020 Time: 8pm

NB: This performance takes place in The Warehouse Theatre, Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus


Music: Harvey Brough
Words: Carole Hayman

We all have dark thoughts, but some are deadly dark.

Combining violent real life crimes with magical realism; The Hive shows a world in which forensic doctors, barristers and detectives meet Hansel, Gretel and Cinders in the other worldly forest of Arden.

From grim tales to the real thing, we are fascinated with violent crime, on TV, in the media, in films, and particularly when the perpetrators are women.

“Women kill within a small area. Where they have most influence –within their domestic coral. You might say… (he smiles) Women kill close to the hive”.

This is the first full performance of The Hive, an opera as beguiling as it is shocking. It is presented as a Scratch Performance.

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