Angel Field Festival: Music from the Heart of Siberia

Friday, 29 March 2019 Time: 7.30pm

NB: This concert will take place in The Arbour Room, Hope Park, Liverpool L16 9JD.


Denis Golushkov - balalaika

Alisa Efromeeva - piano


Denis Golushkov and Alisa Efromeeva, two musicians from the Russian City of Tomsk present a colourful programme of music for balalaika and piano. 

The balalaika is one of a family of Eurasian musical instruments with long necks, few strings, and a playing technique based on rapid strumming with the index finger. First mentioned in written records in 1688 in Moscow, the balalaika existed in various forms with triangular and oval bodies, differing numbers of strings, and movable tied-on string frets, and was mainly used for playing dance tunes.

The modern balalaika is a hybrid phenomenon incorporating elements of folk, popular, and art or classical music and is widely taught from music school through conservatory. In addition to its use in traditional-instrument orchestras and ensembles, the balalaika's repertoire includes pieces with piano and other chamber works, a number of concertos with symphony orchestra, and occasional appearances in opera. Throughout much of its history the instrument has been used as a symbol of Russian traditional culture.

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