Gertrude Stein

Angel Field Festival: Gertrude Stein's White Wines and He Said It

Saturday, 23 March 2019 Time: 4.30pm
NB: This event will take place in The Warehouse Theatre at Liverpool Hope University's Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool L6 1HP
NB: Please reserve tickets using the link provided.


Gertrude Stein is known famously as a large figure in early Modernism. Her friendships with iconic avant-garde painters, such as the cubist pioneer Pablo Picasso are well-known. It has been widely debated that the influence of their friendship transferred into Stein's prose works. It has been barely acknowledged that the plays that Stein wrote from 1913-1917 (during the height of cubist painting) are pieces of literary cubism. 
The showcase of the two of Gertrude Stein's plays White Wines and He Said It explore the transition of cubism into the theatrical space. These performances focus on the conversion of the cubist technique of multiple perspectives, in which the characters and audience have the chance to explore the first staging of a literary cubist theatre piece. Both of the plays experiment with audience perspective. using immersive techniques. the use of language and the breaking of conventional theatre traditions.

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Please reserve tickets using the link provided.

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