Adverse Camber presents The Remarkable Tale of Robert Desnos

Saturday, 13 October 2018 Time: 7.30pm


Funny, surreal, moving and true. A concentration camp seems an unlikely backdrop for a wild night of fairytales, but when the poet and journalist Robert Desnos is captured by the Nazis for spying, his response is to organise clandestine storytelling gatherings.

As the horror of the camps grows, so does the dark enchantment, surreal comedy and transformative power of the inmates’ tales, until the only question that remains is what power imagination has, when hope is fading....

This remarkable and inspirational tale generates overwhelming audience responses, as two exceptional storytellers Clare Muireann Murphy and Daniel Morden demonstrate the power of words to shape and change reality.

Drawn from the real life experiences of the French surrealist poet, Robert Desnos, this remarkable tale is a passionate and masterful performance.

“Murphy’s comfortable charm and wit sparkled around the room, illuminating the darkest corners of her tales.”  - The Oxford Culture Review

“a master weaver of tales”  - The Bristol Post on Daniel Morden

“We all love to listen to stories whatever our age and when you get a master of the craft... you are carried away on the wings of imagination to worlds where anything can happen.” - Whats On Stage on Daniel Morden

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£10 (£8 concessions). Tickets available from the Allerton Brass Ticket Line on 07752 678224.

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