Bed time

5 More Minutes (2pm Performance)

Sunday, 27 January 2019 Time: 2pm


When Moon and Stars are shining in your eyes
Then I will sing to you a lullaby
The day is over now it’s time for bed
But with five More Minutes we can play instead?

5 More Minutes is a funny and magical show about bedtime for children and their grown-ups, in which we’ll explore the fun, frustration and fantasy that can be had in that magical time between awake and asleep. Real world play will blur with the magic of dreams as we all try to settle down and finally get ready to say goodnight and go to sleep… unless that is, we can have 5 More Minutes!?

The show is an interactive family show with a playful performance style, live music and puppetry/object manipulation, and is aimed at children ages 3-6 and their families. The show has a limited capacity of 45 people per performance (children + adults – babes in arms go not counted in capacity)

Warning: In a child’s imagination 5 More Minutes can last forever! But this play has a running time of approx. 50 minutes.

“5 More Minutes is an endearing and engaging performance with live music and a captivating set that draws the little ones into a magic world where 5 more minutes just isn’t enough!” - 
Liz O’Neil – Artistic Director Z-Arts

“5 More Minutes is a well-crafted, magical experience for children and their families. The child’s experience is a wonderful balance between spectator and participator.” - Zoe Pickering, Children’s Theatre Programmer & Big Imaginations Manager

“In ‘5 More Minutes’ the shared experience of adult/child in mimicking the watery sounds of sock fish; feeding the greedy sock monster; exploring the night sky by creating their own starry magic with torches and snuggling together under the covers creates a rare moment of exceptional beauty that I know through experience will stay with those families forever.” - Natasha Holmes (Artistic director of Tell Tale Hearts, board member of Earlyarts and Interplay Theatre)

 “Beautiful, enchanting family fun” – Audience Member

What a delightful show.  First time little boy was engrossed from beginning to end, we 

thoroughly enjoyed it- magical.” – Audience member

Ticket Details

£9.50, £7.50, £21.50 (family of four)

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