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Undergraduate Scholarships 2017/18

Our scholarships and awards recognise and reward outstanding achievement and ability. All scholarships, awards and prizes will be cash awards and do not have to be paid back. 


 Performance Scholarship

Potential students with a talent in Dance, Drama, Music or Sport who have a portfolio of public performances or have performed at national level. Further details on the Performance Application and Criteria 2017/18‌ can be found here.

£3,000 over the period of study.

The closing date is the 6th November2017. 

These awards are intended to spot and support talent and potential.


Liverpool Hope University has introduced nine fully funded music scholarship opportunities, which together are worth more than £40,000. For further information please see the Music Scholarships page.

Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships Terms and Conditions 2017/18 are available here ‌Bursary and Scholarship Terms and Conditions 2017/18


Departmental Scholarships

Top student recruited in each subject (with either a single honours or major) to be awarded scholarship. This is determined by highest UCAS points but student must have at least 2 A grades or triple starred distinction in BTEC. Only subject with at least 5 students will be eligible to award a scholarship.

£2,000 split over the first 2 years of study


Promotional Scholarships

Allocated to individual schools who will determine recipient of award based on community engagement and potential to succeed. Schools to be allocated scholarships have yet to be finalised.

£1,000 on commencement of study 


The Matinee Voice-Over Scholarship

The Matinee Voice-Over Scholarship is an opportunity for the students of Liverpool Hope University to demonstrate their language, writing and marketing skills. All of the application details and the online application form are available here

The student writing the best submission will receive £800.00 towards their educational costs.