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Admission, Fees and Semester Dates

Entry Requirements

Students should be registered undergraduates in a recognised university or college who are in good academic standing and who have:

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (“B” average).
  • One academic letter of reference from your home institution- must be from a professor or lecturer who has taught you
  • Please send your transcript of results with your application

It is expected that you will normally be studying with us in your junior or senior year but students in other years will also be considered.


Fees 2017/18

For a single semester, the Study Abroad Package fee is £4775 for a single study room with a shared bathrooms or £5250 for single study room with en-suite bathroom.

For a full year, including the Christmas and Easter holiday periods, the Study Abroad Package fee is £9,811 for a single study room with shared bathrooms and £10,847 for a single study room with en-suite bathroom.

The Study Abroad Package includes academic tuition, accommodation, bed pack, a pre-paid catering card and the services of the International Hub, Residential Life Team, Student Support and Well-being and the use of all campus facilities, including on-site launderette. 


For more information, please check out the Study Abroad 'Mini' Guide 2017 which will give you all information you need. 


Please consult the ‌Academic Calendar for Study Abroad and Exchange for vacation dates:



Teaching Start and End Dates 

Arrive/Leave By

Orientation Dates

Fall/Autumn 2017

Orientation 24.09.17 

Full timetable from 02.09.17

Teaching ends 15.12.17

Arrival: Saturday 23.09.17

Leave by 16.12.17

 24.09.17 to 29.09.17

Spring/Summer 2018

Teaching starts 08.01.18

Teaching ends 11.05.18

Arrival 04.01.18

Leave by 02.06.17

05.01.18 to 07.01.18