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Equality & Diversity Steering Committee

(Previously the Equal Opportunities Sub-committee)

The Group is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the University's Equality & Diversity Policy and Implementation Plan.


Terms of Reference

The Equality & Diversity Steering Group Terms of Reference are currently under review and will be available here as soon as they are approved.

Chair for 2016-17: Mr Graham Donelan

Committee Secretary: Mr Marc Jones


Equality & Diversity Objectives

The objectives of the committee are available by clicking the Equality & Diversity Objectives.


Dates of meetings in 2016/17

Equality & Diversity Steering Committee 08-02-17

Wednesday 24th May 2017 11.00 am


Minutes will be uploaded as soon as possible after they are confirmed. Previous minutes not available here can be requested from the Committee Secretary,


Minutes Archive


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Equal & Diversity Steering Committee 05-03-15

Equality & Diversity Steering Committee 04-06-15



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